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Day 1 - August 13th

Keynote address by Andrew Douch “iPad: The Intersection of Technology and Pedagogy”

Day 2 - August 14th

Keynote Address by Greg Alchin “Creating Collaborative Learning Environments”

Day 1 - August 13th


Andrew Douch - “Tips, Tricks And Handy Hints For Turbo-Charging Your iPad Productivity”

Katie Wardrobe - “DIY Soundtracks For Your Movie, Animation, Storytelling and Podcasting Projects (For Complete Non-Musicians!)”

John Larkin - “Practical applications of the Apple iPad in the classroom”

Jim Sprialis - “Designing and implementing work fl ows to support the learning and literacy needs of all students”

Craig Smith - “Autism and iPad Pedagogy”

Andrew Douch - “iPad’s In The Teaching And Learning Of Science”

Katie Wardrobe - “Engaging Sound Stories for All Subjects”

Jim Sprialis - “eContent Construction for the iPad: designing work fl ows for comprehension”

John Larkin - “The application of assessment in an iPad teaching and learning environment”

Craig Smith - “iPad as a tool for Positive Behaviour Support and Mental Health”


Day 2 - August 14th


Greg Alchin - “Personalising my apptastic backpack”

Steven Papp - “Flipping Bugs”

Keith Heggart - “App Smashing and the Australia Curriculum”

Tom Lee - “Teachers as Authors. Developing interactive multi-touch books for students”

Greg Mitchell - “The Hook -Tailored iPad products for Teachers to develop more interesting presentations”

Greg Alchin & Keith Heggart - “Cracking the code to rewire learning”

Event Details:

Day 1 - August 13th 2015

Day 2 - August 14th 2015

Day 1 - 8:30am - 3:35pm

Day 2 - 9:00am - 3:15pm

SMC Conference & Function Centre

66 Goulburn Street

Sydney, NSW

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All educators at all levels

One Day $399 (inc GST)

Both Days (same person) $599 (inc GST)

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The Presenters

Keynote Speakers:

Andrew Douch
Greg Alchin

The Presenters:

Andrew Douch
Katie Wardrobe
John Larkin
Jim Sprialis
Craig Smith
Greg Alchin
Steven Papp
Keith Heggart
Tom Lee
Greg Mitchell

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