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Day 1 - August 14th

Keynote address by Andrew Douch “The iPad As A Catalyst For Pedagogical Change”

Day 2 - August 15th

Keynote address by Greg Alchin “MyPad, MySuccess”

Day 1 - August 14th


Andrew Douch – “Tips, Tricks And Handy Hints For Turbo-Charging Your iPad Productivity”

Katie Wardrobe – “DIY Soundtracks For Your Movie, Animation, Storytelling and Podcasting Projects” (For Complete Non-Musicians!)

Anne Harding – “iPad Apps for Literacy and Numeracy”

Glen Pearsall – “Effectively using iPads in the English Classroom”

Dale Sheppard – “How do I hand it in, Miss? Managing Workflow with iPads using Stile”

Andrew Douch – “iPads In The Teaching And Learning Of Science”

Katie Wardrobe – “Engaging Sound Stories for All Subjects”

Dom Fera – “It doesn’t get done in a day. Enabling Project Based Learning with the iPad”

Karina Barley – “iPad Techniques to Bridge Learning Gaps”

Rebecca Gregory – “Using iPads for assessment and learning activities in the Language Classroom”

Day 2 - August 15th


Greg Alchin – “Personalising my apptastic backpack”

Megan Iemma – “How to use your iPad creatively in your classrooms”

John Pearce – “Is It ‘appening For You?”

Karina Barley – “iPad Strategies to Engage the Student with Autism”

Dom Fera & Dale Sheppard – “Strategies for the Effective use of iPads with Boys”

Event Details:

Day 1 - August 14th 2014

Day 2 - August 15th 2014

Day 1 - 9:00am - 3:30pm

Day 2 - 9:00am - 3:15pm


440 Collins Street

Melbourne, Victoria

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All educators at all levels

One Day $399 (inc GST)

Both Days (same person) $599 (inc GST)

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The Presenters

Keynote Speakers:

Andrew Douch
Greg Alchin

The Presenters:

Andrew Douch
Katie Wardrobe
Anne Harding
Glen Pearsall
Dale Sheppard
Dom Fera
Karina Barley
Rebecca Gregory
Greg Alchin
Megan Iemma
John Pearce

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