The Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People

3rd National Conference         

Another High Quality Critical Agendas Professional Development Event!


  Total of 12 PD Hours

Event Information:

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DAY ONE – Thursday May 18th, 2017

8.30am -  Registration  In this first session you will be required to sign in. To locate your name, surnames will be sorted alphabetically. In the unlikely event that you are not on the list of delegate names, a Critical Agendas staff member will be present to immediately assist you with the aim of accommodating you in the conference.

9.00am - 9:10am - House-Keeping details for the Conference

9.10am – 10.20am -   Keynote address by Andrew Fuller - “The Most Powerful Ways to Promote Mental Health and Learning.”

10.20 - 10.30 - De-brief of key-note address.

10.30am – 11.00am – Morning Tea

11.00am – 12.30pm – PD Workshops (A – E)

Workshop A - Andrew Fuller - “Assisting Young People to Overcome Fear, Anxiety and Trauma”.
Workshop B - David Vinegrad - “Turning Difficult Parent/Teacher Conversations into a Positive Experience for Both”.
Workshop C - Professor Helen McGrath - “School Bullying: Protecting & Supporting Students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder”.
Workshop D - Martine Oglethorpe - “Practical Strategies to Build Adolescent Self-Esteem in a Digital World”.
Workshop E - Greg Mitchell - “How to Create Positive Mood Indicators to promote Engagement and Participation”.

A   B    C    D    E

12.30pm – 1.10pm – Lunch

1.00pm – 2.30pm – PD Workshops (F – J)

Workshop F - David Vinegrad - “Understanding the Adolescent Brain in order to Foster Greater Student Well-Being & Academic Success”.
Workshop G - Greg Mitchell - “How Children Succeed”. Exploring the Non-Cognitive Skills that Improve Learning Outcomes and Promote Academic Success.
Workshop H - Andrew Fuller - “Improving a Child’s Learning Outcomes by Developing the Five Qualities of a Relationship Quotient”.
Workshop I - Joanne Sais & Franziska Brenk - “Self- Harm – Strategies to Assist Students Better Cope and Perform more Successfully in the Classroom”.
Workshop J - Project Thrive – Nell Golden & Andrea Downie - “How to Develop and Increase a Student’s Resilience and Well-Being in  the Classroom.”

F   G   H   I   J

2.40pm – 4.00pm – PD Workshops (K- O)

Workshop K - David Vinegrad - “Teaching & Supporting Children & Trauma”.
Workshop L - Greg Mitchell - “Designing a Positive Psychology Strategy for your School; How a PEARL is Cultured:”
Workshop M - Andrew Fuller - “From Stressed to Strong - Developing Systematic Mental Health / Resilience Training for Adolescents”.
Workshop N - Joanne Sais & Franziska Brenk - “School Refusers - How Do we Better Understand these Students in Order to Enable them to make a Success of their Schooling?”
Workshop O - Project Thrive – Nell Golden & Andrea Downie - “Creating Positive Mental Health Outcomes for Every Student by Cultivating Thriving Relationships”.

K   L   M   N   O


DAY TWO – Friday May 19th, 2017