Managing & Responding to Cyber Bullying

Presented by: David Vinegrad

Teacher PD Event Information: 6 Teacher PD Hours       

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This workshop is aimed at classroom teachers, counsellors, YLC’s and administrators responsible for managing incidents of Cyber Bullying.

The introduction of technology has brought with it familiar bullying and harassment problems yet cyber bullying is unique in many ways. Cyber bullying is one of the most insidious forms of bullying currently presenting issues for schools. It is also one of the most difficult to stop.

Cyber bullying is perhaps the one of the most complex social issues for schools to manage in the 21st century. This complexity possibly explains why schools haven’t made serious inroads into reducing the incidence of bullying and why rules often outweigh desired outcomes including safety, accountability, ownership, engagement and the development of social skills and resilience.

Cyber bullying is more about relationships rather than the misuse of technology. Teaching our students the dimensions of healthy relationships with themselves, their peers and with the adults in their lives is just the start to keeping kids safe online. This one-day workshop will look at what works when your school community is responsible for, and involved in cyber bullying.

Does your Anti Bullying policy produce the best outcomes for all involved and stop the inappropriate behaviour?

This workshop will focus on practical strategies and processes including:

  • Examine the need to be clear about “outcomes” when responding to cyber bullying
  • Explore the neuroscience of why students get caught up in cyber bullying – the stone age brain
  • Investigate the need to change the lens from “rules” to “relationships”
  • Understand the power of language and the need to redefine bullying behaviours
  • Knowledge of the benefits and limitations of cyber bullying/anti bullying policy and protocols at a state and local level (participants will be asked to bring along samples of their individual school policies on the day)
  • Discussion about what works including Restorative Practices, Method of Shared Concern, Mediation, effective consequences and sanctions etc.
  • Awareness and understanding of the importance of proactive and preventative programming

Event Details:

  24th October, 2017
  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Jasper Hotel

489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

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  Target Audience: Primary and Secondary.
  $306.90 GST Incl.

Download PD Brochure

About the Presenter

David Vinegrad is a well-known presenter with extensive experience in the area of behaviour management both nationally and internationally.

He has highly developed skills as a facilitator, trainer, and presenter and is widely recognised as an international expert on restorative justice. He has played a major role in the introduction of restorative practices into schools in Australia and internationally and is an experienced counselor and mediator including high level management of critical incidents and school based trauma. David has over 30 years of experience working with teachers and students in a variety of diverse educational settings undertaking and developing a wide range of roles including recent work in Japan and Brazil.

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