Phonological Awareness

Presented by: Beverley Sher

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Phonological Awareness (which incorporates phonemic awareness) can be explained as an understanding of the sound structure of language i.e. that language is made up of words, syllables, rhymes, and sounds (phonemes). It is an area that is crucial for successful reading and spelling and is a major factor in the diagnosis of literacy disorders. This presentation will explore the various areas of phonological awareness that are necessary to ensure that a child has a solid foundation for literacy such as syllabification, rhyming skills, sound identification skills, word analysis and sound manipulation. Because early intervention is regarded as bring critical to build a strong foundation for reading, this presentation is designed for teachers and support staff of students from Kindergarten to Year 3. The progression of phonological awareness skills and norms of development will also be included. In addition to terminology and research, lots of practical ideas and resources will be demonstrated.

Event Details:

  30th November, 2017
  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Jasper Hotel

489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

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  Target Audience: Kindergarten- Year 3 Teachers/Teacher Aides.
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About the Presenter

Beverley Sher is a Speech and Language Pathologist as well as a qualified Drama teacher. She has worked extensively with pre‐school children, primary school students and adolescents, particularly supporting students with language-based learning difficulties as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorders to cope in a mainstream educational setting. She qualified as a Speech Pathologist in South Africa and had the unique experience of working in a specialist type school exclusively for high functioning children with specific learning disabilities. Since immigrating to Australia in 1998, Beverley has worked as a Speech Pathologist for the Department of Education and in Private Practice. She now heads two Private Practices in Melbourne. She uses drama in her therapy across all ages and has found it be an especially useful tool within the fields of pragmatic disorders and social skills training. She has been running Social Skills groups for almost 15 years now and has developed a special interest in this area. She has also held the position o f Speech Pathologist and Clinical Co-ordinator of the Fragile X Alliance Clinic, one of only two clinics of its type in Australia. She works closely with a wide range of Allied Health professionals. Due to her specialized and varied experience, she has presented at conferences and workshops both nationally and internationally. She is married with two children, one of whom has both social and learning difficulties, thereby giving her a unique perspective when working with both individuals with additional needs as well as their families.

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