Strategies to Support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People - National Conference 2019

National Conference

Teachers, School Leaders, Heads of School, YLCs, Student Support Staff, Other Professionals Working with Young People.

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Day One Program –  Monday 20th May, 2019

8.30am Onwards

9.00am – 9.10am House-Keeping details for the Conference.

9.10am – 10.20am Keynote address by Nathan Wallis.

Key Note Address: Nathan Wallis “Brain-based Teaching to Support Mental Health & Student Well-Being.”

10.20am – 10.30am De-brief of key-note address.

10.30am – 11.00am Morning Tea

11.00am – 12.20pm Workshops (A –D)

Workshop A: Nathan Walis “Understanding & Supporting children in their Early Years of Primary School.”
Workshop B: Jules Haddock “Non-Suicidal Self Injury NSSI – Strategies to Assist Students Better Cope and Perform more successfully in the Classroom.”
Workshop C: Sally Learey “Building Wellbeing in Schools through Positive Psychology Practices.”
Workshop D: Mariane Power & Jenna O’Connell “A Self Compassion Toolkit for Stress Management.”

12.30pm – 1.15pm Lunch

1.15pm – 2.30pm Workshops (E –H)

Workshop E: Bronwyn Gresham “Creative mindfulness: How our attitude and intention can open our creative minds.”
Workshop F: Jules Haddock “Helping to create Lovers of Learning, by assisting students to manage their anxiety.”
Workshop G: Nathan Wallis “Understanding the Nuances of the Teenage Years to support Adolescents Mental Health.”
Workshop H: Sally Learey “Tuning into Emotional Intelligence to Foster Emotional Competence, Resilience and Wellbeing.”

2.35pm – 3.40pm Workshops (I- L)

Workshop I: Bronwyn Gresham “Emotional wellbeing though accumulating beneficial experiences.”
Workshop J: Annemarie Bayard “ROAR – Recognise, Own, Assert & Report.”
Workshop K: Mariane Power & Jenna O’Connell “Meaning and Purpose as Predictors of Positive Youth Development.”
Workshop L: Sally Learey “Cultivating Self-Regulation and Resilience in Students using Emotion Coaching Techniques.”


Day Two Program – Tuesday 21st May, 2019

8.30am Registration.

9.00am – 9.10am House-Keeping details.

9.10am– 10.20am Key-Note Address – Greg Mitchell.

Keynote Address Day two: Greg Mitchell “4X4 - Personalities, Mindsets, Tendencies and Intelligences.”

10.30am – 11.00am Morning Tea

11.00am – 12.20pm Workshops (M – P)

Workshop M: Collett Smart “Love, Education and Teens”
Workshop N: Miranda Marriott “Strategies to Increase the Resilience of Your Students.”
Workshop O: Susan McLean “Respect and Responsibility - A whole school approach to staying safe online.”
Workshop P: Greg Mitchell “Teaching Social and Emotional Literacy in School.”

12.30pm – 1.15pm Lunch

1.15pm – 2.30pm Workshops (Q -T)

Workshop Q: Miranda Marriott “Improving Your Student’s Self-Talk, Self- Worth and Performance.”
Workshop R: David Vinegrad “Strategies to Implement Respectful Relationships to Assist Gender Stereotypes.”
Workshop S: Jackie Sikic “Strategies to Support Emotional Regulation with Upper Primary Students.”
Workshop T: Susan McLean “The Importance of Policy, Practice and Procedure!”

2.35pm – 3.40pm Workshops (U – X)

Workshop U: Collett Smart “Body Image: selfies, self-objectification and self-worth.”
Workshop V: David Vinegrad “Why Relationships are crucial to Adolescents Healthy Brain Development?”
Workshop W: Greg Mitchell “The Keys to Mental Health & Well-Being.”
Workshop X: Jackie Sikic “Supporting Social Competencies to Improve our Adolescents’ Mental Health.”


Event Details:


Monday 20th May & Tuesday 21st May, 2019

  8.30am - 3.40pm (Reg. from 8.30am)


Melbourne Cricket Ground

Brunton Avenue, Richmond

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Teachers, School Leaders, Heads of School, YLCs, Student Support Staff, Other Professionals Working with Young People.

  One Day: $AU 429.00 GST Incl.
Two Days: $AU 629.00 GST Incl. (No split bookings)

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About the Presenters:

For full details of the presenter for this event please read the Conference Brochure by Clicking Here

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