How to Effectively Communicate. The vital skills needed for building Relationships, Leadership & Well-Being

Presented by: Andrea Downie & Nell Golden

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Strong relationships, schools, careers and communities all draw from the same source of power - the ability to talk openly about high stakes, emotional, controversial topics. At the heart of almost all long term or constantly recurring problems amongst students, our teams, and all our relationships lie critical conversations- ones that we are avoiding having, doing so over technology or don’t have the skills to hold effectively.

Twenty years of research reveals that the most important skill of effective leaders, team mates, parents, and loved ones is the capacity to skilfully address emotionally and politically risky issues. As technology continues to replace these face to face conversations, empathy becomes decreased, less becomes resolved and this results in issues becoming bigger and more overpowering. The impacts on behavioural concerns are paramount and on mental health are devastating.

Andrea and Nell from Project Thrive will share with you their latest research drawing on Positive Psychology, on the importance of communication and how to empower both students and staff with the confidence and skills to have critical conversation.

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6th March, 2018

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

Batman’s Hill on Collins

623 Collins St, Melbourne

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Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Principals, Primary and Secondary Deputy Principals, Primary and Secondary Leadership staff, Upper Primary and Secondary to year 12 Teachers

  $279.00 (+GST)

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About the Presenter

Andrea Downie is the co-founder/director of Project Thrive. Andrea has diverse experience, particularly in the field of education, as a primary classroom teacher, school leader of Wellbeing, Learning Enhancement, Technology, Gifted Education and a Deputy Principal. She has a strong passion for the wellbeing and optimal functioning of individuals and groups and has presented regularly to networks of professionals on personalising learning, metacognition, well-being science, neuroscience and the application of positive psychology in education. Passionate about education, she also currently teaches Wellbeing, Performance and Motivation at the University of Melbourne. Andrea loves meeting new people and making connections.

Nell Golden is passionate about wellbeing and youth mental health. She has worked in corporate wellbeing in health promotion and wellness program manager roles at Bupa Australia, reaching over 7000 employees through her implementation of wellness products and services. She also held roles at the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, Melbourne in Digital Education for youth and at the University of Melbourne in Student Development and Advice.

Nell has travelled to over 50 countries, lived and worked in Pennsylvania, USA at the International Sports Training Camp as a lifeguard and counsellor, and previously ran her own gym and personal training business in Point Lonsdale. She holds a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (First Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne, a Graduate Certificate in Wellness and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology, with distinction).

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