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Live Streamed Webinar

All School Administration and Management Staff

$235.00 + GST

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Administrative Excellence Seminar

Groups Bookings (5 or more Participants)  $205 + GST per person

Webinar – 9.05am – 10.05am.

Workshop No 1 – David Vinegrad
Relationship Matters – Getting relationships right in the office
If respectful relationships are at the core of your school vision and values then how is this translated into those very busy front office relationships?
This workshop is about how we establish, strengthen and repair front of office relationships to maximise productivity and make sure everyone can be at their best.
The school office is often the nerve centre of the school and more importantly the first point of contact and first impression for parents and visitors. The quality and nature of relationships in the school office will be a significant determinant in people’s perception of ‘school culture.’
Front of Office staff now have less time to do more things and have additional roles that for some of us were never trained for. Tensions can be reduced and conflict managed positively by working ‘relationally’ with people rather than management through more traditional approaches.
This workshop will explore and investigate –
• Developing clear set of workplace expectations to promote respect and professional conduct and courtesy.
• Investigate the N.A.S.A model of how to establish workplace agreements and then uphold them when broken.
• Investigate how to establish, sustain, and strengthen positive relationships.

Workshop No 2 – Sally Learey – Webinar – 10.05am – 11.05am . 
Advanced Strategies to thrive as an Administrator/Manager
This workshop will explore and investigate –
Developing a greater understanding of why situations escalate.
Devise effective coping strategies for staff when they occur.
Look at proactive problem-solving strategies which enables solution focused thinking.
Review serious incidents using an emergency management process to prevent, prepare, respond and recover as part of a whole school response to challenging situations.
Understand how the powerful role of emotions in the workplace encourages more positive interactions.

Morning Tea

Workshop No 3 – Miranda Marriott – Webinar – 11.30am – 12.30pm.
Self-Awareness and Personal Insights to Optimise your Strengths
The best administrators know how to understand themselves and the broader team that they work with (including management, co-workers
and parents).
DISC is a leading personal insight and assessment tool and is one of the easiest, fastest and most effective ways for administrators to improve their self-awareness and their ability to manage and influence others.
This session will help you improve your self-awareness, optimise on your strengths and manage your limitations and diminish the negative impact co-workers and parents may have on you so that you can thrive in your workplace not just survive.


Workshop No 4 – Miranda Marriott – Webinar – 1.00pm – 2.00pm.

Developing Happier and More Productive Administrators/Managers
There have been an ever-increasing number of adults struggling with stress and mental health concerns. Increasing demands are being placed on the administrative staff, often without receiving the appropriate support and resources
to navigate the challenges.
This session will explore the key insights and strategies that administrators and managers can apply to themselves to improve their wellbeing and resilience amidst their challenges. It will help them know how to gain more support from management and from within themselves
and how to command positive partnerships with all teaching staff.
Miranda will provide the latest research around the most powerful, practical and easy to apply tools to transform your sense of wellbeing, looking at practices from Solution-Focused Therapy, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and more.

Workshop No 5 – Sally Learey – Webinar – 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Proactive Time Management Strategies
The workload of administrative staff can be busy and demanding. With competing priorities and increased expectations, sometimes it feels as though there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done.
This workshop explores effective tools and strategies to manage the workload of front office staff proactively.
Core topics:
• The importance of job description clarity
• Time management strategies
• Working smarter, not harder
• Self-management tools

Afternoon Tea

Workshop No 6 – David Vinegrad – Webinar – 3.20pm – 4.20pm. 
Difficult conversations in the office – how to discuss what matters
Most people avoid difficult conversations because they are confronting, difficult, awkward, and the emotional stakes are often high. We all would benefit from learning and understanding how not to avoid difficult conversations.
Successfully conducting difficult conversations in the workplace can make the difference between success and failure – both for you and the organization. This workshop will focus on –
• Exploring high conflict people and organisations
• Defining conflict and how people respond
• Taking a L.E.A.P to problem solve
• Applying the 4 x step conversation

Close 4.30pm

Presented by Critical Agendas

David Vinegrad

David Vinegrad is a well-known presenter with extensive experience in the area of behaviour management both nationally and internationally. He has highly developed skills as a facilitator, trainer, and presenter and is widely recognised as an international expert on restorative justice. He has played a major role in the introduction of restorative practices into schools in Australia and internationally and is an experienced counsellor and mediator including high level management of critical incidents and school based trauma. David has over 30 years of experience working with teachers and students in a variety of diverse educational settings undertaking and developing a wide range of roles including recent work in Japan and Brazil.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Sally Learey

Sally Learey is a renowned keynote speaker, author and education consultant. As well as teaching, she holds qualifications in training, positive psychology, coaching and counselling. Sally has worked in both training and primary and secondary teaching sectors across a variety of educational settings. Sally is also an author of 7 books ranging from children’s books to adult non-fiction. She is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of teachers and leaders in education. Sally empowers teachers to create classrooms and learning environments that are inclusive for all students. As a mother of a son with special needs which includes ASD, she has a wealth of personal and professional expertise in this area.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Miranda Marriott

Miranda Marriott is an engaging speaker and facilitator, with over 12 years of experience in the Health and Wellbeing industry. She understands schools, teachers and students and how to best support and communicate with them as she has worked as the head of wellbeing, a year level coordinator and Psychology teacher. Miranda has completed post- graduate studies in Education, Life Coaching and Commerce (Human Resources), along with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Counselling). She is a skilled communicator as she spoken to Whole Schools, Year Levels, Teachers, TAFEs and Corporates and has studied public speaking. Miranda is passionate about wellbeing for both staff and students because she has seen the profound impact that these insights and strategies have had.

Critical Agendas Speaker

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