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Log On between 8.45am - 8.55am for 9.00am start (AEST)

Live Streamed Webinar

Classroom Teachers, Early Career Teachers, Year Level Co-Ordinators, anyone involved in the Behaviour Management of Students.

$235.00 - $335.00 + GST

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Effective Strategies that Support Positive Behaviour Management

DAY ONE -9.00am – 4.00pm

  • Cracking the Behaviour Code – David Vinegrad
  • Confidently Handling Power Struggles – Greg Mitchell
  • All Emotion is Connection – Kristy Elliott
  • Planning for School Change – Greg Mitchell

DAY TWO – 9am – 3.00pm

  • Preventative Maintenance – Greg Mitchell
  • Day to Day Difficulties – Kristy Elliott
  • Classroom Survival – 10 Essential Combat Skills for every teacher – David Vinegrad
  • Being Flawsome – Greg Mitchell


  • Full details of this conference can be found by clicking on Download Event Brochure


  • Please Note: Bookings can be made for one or both days.
Presented by Critical Agendas

David Vinegrad

David Vinegrad is a well-known presenter with extensive experience in the area of behaviour management both nationally and internationally. He has highly developed skills as a facilitator, trainer, and presenter and is widely recognised as an international expert on restorative justice. He has played a major role in the introduction of restorative practices into schools in Australia and internationally and is an experienced counsellor and mediator including high level management of critical incidents and school based trauma. David has over 30 years of experience working with teachers and students in a variety of diverse educational settings undertaking and developing a wide range of roles including recent work in Japan and Brazil.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell is an established and highly sought after consultant who works with teachers, parents and administrators where it counts… in schools and in classrooms. He regularly teaches in classrooms in primary and secondary schools all over Australia demonstrating the changes that really work. Greg is an exceptional presenter with the ability to connect with educators, to challenge them and provide many practical strategies that work! Great knowledge, practical, dynamic and very entertaining!

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Kristy Elliott

Kristy is an experienced and engaging teacher and consultant, working with inspired educators who want to make a positive difference in the lives of the young people they work with and their communities. Holding a Bachelor of Education, Kristy recognises the privilege of working with young people and strives to positively impact those she has the pleasure of working with. She is currently completing her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne which is strengthening the wellbeing and relationship management work she undertakes with schools in Australia and Asia. Kristy teaches an innovative circle strategy used for developing socio-emotional capacity, relationships as well as teaching curriculum content, she provides engaging workshops on all elements of restorative practice including peer mediation training. Kristy also facilitates restorative community conferences and provides in-class modelling and coaching. Kristy has been working in this field for almost two decades and continues to enjoy working with school communities to enhance the wellbeing of staff, students and parents.

Critical Agendas Speaker

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Loved the passion of the Presenters

Ivana Ryan

I love the fantastic variety of workshops and conferences on offer. Always look forward to Critical Agendas PD’s.

Tim Livy

The best P.D. I have attended in living memory!” I loved every minute of this engaging, interesting and informative PD. And I have been teaching for 40+ years!

Susan Snooks

Inspirational Speakers –  the knowledge gained will be so beneficial in my classrooms

Libby Fullard.

Keep up the fantastic PD opportunities! Very  professional and well-researched workshops and conferences.

Paul Dillon

Loved the honesty in the sharing of information and strategies

Liberty Hatzidimitriou

“It is the first P.L. in a long long time that I haven’t been checking in with my watch.”


Passionate &  Authentic Speakers – Meaningful Strategies

Tamara Rundle