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Log on between 9.15am and 9.25am for the 9.30am start (AEST)

Live Streamed Webinar

Primary and Secondary Teachers and Teacher Aides at all year levels

$215 + GST

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Flipped Learning

In bygone days, students had to be in a classroom to learn. That is where the teacher was, that is where the books were. The only time a teacher had to explain concepts to his students was when all together in the classroom.  Accordingly, certain types of learning activity were conducted in the classroom, and other types were set as homework.

But the constraints on which the current model were based are no longer real. Any student with a computer or smartphone now has access to the same pool of information as their teacher. Likewise, teachers and students can now communicate about the learning, using simple, free tools at any time whether in the classroom or out. This profound change in when and where we access information and communicate, gives us the exciting opportunity to decide afresh which learning activities will be most beneficial if assigned for “homework” and which are most beneficial in class time.

In this workshop, Andrew will explain the “flipped classroom” model. In this model, students listen to their teacher’s explanations and participate in online discussions at any time of day or night (instead of completing “homework”). This frees up more class time for learning activities infused with human interaction. The result is a class of students that is more connected; more collaborative; more human.

One focus of this workshop will be on simple, effective tools for communicating via podcasts, screencasts, vodcasts, and social media. But a second, equally important focus will be on the effective use of the class time that is made available.

It is expected that all participants in this workshop bring their own PC orMac laptop, and have the authority to install software on it.

Presented by Critical Agendas

Andrew Douch

Andrew Douch is an independent education consultant and a teacher with 22 years classroom experience. His use of educational technology, including those used to flip his classes , has won him numerous awards, including an Australian Government Award for Quality Schooling, the Victorian Education Excellence Award for Curriculum Innovation, the Microsoft
Worldwide Innovative Teacher of the Year and an IMS Global Learning Impact Leadership Award.His mantra is “You don’t need to be very good with technology to do very good things with technology”. Rather teachers need a willingness to question their 20th Century paradigms and rethink their roles as educators in a world where information is available on-demand and communication is instantaneous.

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Tamara Rundle

The best P.D. I have attended in living memory!” I loved every minute of this engaging, interesting and informative PD. And I have been teaching for 40+ years!

Susan Snooks

Loved the passion of the Presenters

Ivana Ryan

Keep up the fantastic PD opportunities! Very  professional and well-researched workshops and conferences.

Paul Dillon

“It is the first P.L. in a long long time that I haven’t been checking in with my watch.”


Loved the honesty in the sharing of information and strategies

Liberty Hatzidimitriou

I love the fantastic variety of workshops and conferences on offer. Always look forward to Critical Agendas PD’s.

Tim Livy

Inspirational Speakers –  the knowledge gained will be so beneficial in my classrooms

Libby Fullard.