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Log On between 8.45am & 8.55am for 9.00am start - Victorian Time

Live Streamed Webinar

All Administration, Administration Support and Management Staff

$295.00 + GST

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Booking Conditions

No applications for this program will be accepted after all vacancies have been filled. Unsuccessful applicants will have any monies paid refunded in full. Cancellation made prior to the Monday 22nd August, 2022 will incur a 25% service charge per applicant. This program will be payable for in full for cancellations made on or after Monday 22nd August, 2022 or for failure to attend the program. Participants will be sent a Zoom link which is only to be used by the registered person. If any other unregistered person views the webinar without registration, they will be liable for the full registration plus an additional 25% administration fee. No attendance certificates will be issued until all monies are paid in full. Any cancellation must be made in writing and emailed to in accordance with the terms and conditions. In the event of insufficient applications this program will not proceed, and registration monies paid will be fully refunded. Critical Agendas Pty Ltd will not be accepting liability for any other associated costs. Critical Agendas Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary the advertised program prior to commencement. Please note:  No refunds are possible for any non-attendance due to Covid19 or Covid19 Lockdowns.

Increasing the Effectiveness of your Schools Administration Team

A successful school is about much more than teaching. While good teaching and learning is crucial, the administration that underpins it is key to providing a well-rounded education that encompasses the whole child. Effective administration and operations support an education that goes well beyond imparting knowledge. School operations teams ensure that students’ daily needs are met; that they receive healthy and nutritious meals, sleep and learn in a safe environment, and receive appropriate medical care and mental health support. Beyond the day-to-day, the administrative team are often the ones responsible for recording, checking and analysing student data, so they can to enable those responsible for both learning and wellbeing to tailor their approach to the needs of the student. This webinar brings you four unique presentations that will increase the effectiveness of your school administration staff and its importance in successful student education.

Registration 8.45am – 9.00am

Session One: 9.00am – 10.00am

Sally Learey – Time and Workload Management Strategies

The workload of administrative/front office staff can be busy and challenging. Competing priorities and constant demands on your time can lead to feelings of overwhelm, stress and depletion.

This workshop explores effective mindsets, tools and strategies to manage your time and your workload proactively.

Core topics:

  • The importance of attitude and awareness in relation to time and workload management
  • Time management strategies
  • Planning your time to work smarter
  • Workload management strategies
  • Self-management strategies

10.00am – 10.30am – Morning Tea.

Session Two: 10.30am –11.30am

Adam Kruger – Professional Learning Communities – Teaching staff and Administration Staff working together

For a rapidly growing number of schools, professional learning communities (PLCs) are proving to be the answer to improving growth within schools by providing an effective framework for teachers and administration to effectively work together.  PLCs are an approach to school improvement where participants work in a high performing collaborative team to focus on problems of practice and follow cycles of inquiry. This presentation is aimed at all members of a school community who want to participate, lead or embed professional learning communities within their school. The key areas in which we will examine are:

  • Learn what sets PLCs apart from more traditional models of schooling
  • What is required to transform your school into a PLC
  • How to shift employee’s beliefs and mindsets through strategies focussed on growth
  • What specific work is undertaken by collaborative teams
  • Common missteps to avoid and how to manage resistant staff members

11.30 – 11.40am – Mini Break.

Session Three: 11.40pm –12.40 pm

Michelle Falzon – Coaching strategies to support optimal wellbeing

It’s important that all employees are happy and healthy. When it comes to supporting optimal well-being at work, implementing strategic coaching approaches to support each individual in the unique ways they need is vital. With the right support and guidance, employees can do more than just get by—they can thrive. Over the course of this 1-hour presentation, Michelle will provide you with an opportunity to explore 4 different theories that strongly support workplace well-being and offer insight into how coaching approaches can foster a healthy workplace community.

12.40pm – 1.40pm – Lunch

Session Four – 1.40pm –2.40pm

Christina Katopis –  DiSC – Understanding your Behavioural Style

DISC is a self-assessment that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. DISC creates a common language and a self-awareness to better understand ourselves and others. The DISC model divides people into four main behavioural styles.

People who embrace DISC benefit from improved communication, less misunderstanding, shorter meetings, less conflict, effective teams, more cooperation, more productivity, and improved performance.

Participant Outcomes:

  • Understand our own personal behavioural style and how that impacts on others.
  • Recognise, understand and appreciate other people’s behavioural styles.
  • Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems.
  • Improve your relationships by recognising the communication needs of individuals in both your professional and personal environments.

2.40pm – Webinar Close




Presented by Critical Agendas

Sally Learey

Sally Learey is a renowned keynote speaker, author and education consultant. As well as teaching, she holds qualifications in training, positive psychology, coaching and counselling. Sally has worked in both training and primary and secondary teaching sectors across a variety of educational settings. Sally is also an author of 7 books ranging from children’s books to adult non-fiction. She is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of teachers and leaders in education. Sally empowers teachers to create classrooms and learning environments that are inclusive for all students. As a mother of a son with special needs which includes ASD, she has a wealth of personal and professional expertise in this area.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Adam Kruger

Adam Kruger – Assistant Principal at Lyndhurst Secondary College (Previously Head of Mathematics Faculty, Wesley College, Glen Waverley) and Scott Rumble – Assistant Principal at Clyde Secondary College have been involved in mathematical professional development for a number of years. Both working in a number of roles from Mathematics Learning Area leaders, Numeracy Leaders, Curriculum Development, Year Level Coordinator, Senior School Leader, to Acting Assistant Principal (Senior School/Curriculum). They have also been Directors of the Casey and Cardinia Mathematics Network.

Both believe that teaching and leading with warmth and enthusiasm, looking at the personal interests and strengths of their students is a key to achieving great success. Their interest, experience, and expertise in educating students at all levels is reflected in their broad teaching and leadership career. Both are celebrated presenters who work extensively with students, teachers and organisations in areas of leadership, data analysis, numeracy and literacy development, effective feedback strategies, restorative justice practices, accelerated learning, building connections outside the classroom, creative and critical thinking, learning styles, multiple intelligences and cooperative learning.

Adam and Scott have presented on numerous occasions for a range of organisations and school associations with the main focus of developing change in the classroom. Their passion for teaching has been the main driver for developing a range of programs at their college. The student growth that is achieved not only within these programs but in their classrooms is undeniable proof that their hard work and a love of this profession are the building blocks of great success. Adam and Scott have recently began developing a book Teach like a STAR which will be the driving force behind using their popular STAR methodology and approach towards building positive change in the classroom.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Michelle Falzon

Michelle is a mother of 2 beautiful children, an educator & student wellbeing coordinator, lover of learning, and advocate for positive mental health and wellbeing. After facing an unexpected tragedy almost 9 years ago that completely changed the trajectory of my life, she now sees herself as a survivor and not a victim. So, it is with this strong mindset that she dedicates herself and the work that she does each day to supporting others.

She’s a firm believer that knowledge is power, and when we are taught to recognise our own God-given strengths, then we are empowered to take action each and every day to be the best version of ourselves. As an educator and student wellbeing coordinator, she strongly advocates for education travelling far beyond the four walls of any classroom. All her work within positive psychology and coaching psychology is created to support individuals develop and sustain habits of good health and positive thinking that is life-long and sustainable. She strives to have people acknowledge and understand that they themselves are the authors of their own stories that they so wonderfully create in life.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Christina Katopis

Christina Katopis is a highly experienced and dynamic trainer, with over 17 years of training and consulting experience across numerous sectors. She has experience in working with both public
and private organisations throughout Australasia.

Christina has the following qualifications:
o Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
o Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development
o Degree in Social Work
o DISC accreditation
o MBTI accreditation
o GENOS Emotional Intelligence accreditation

Christina is regarded as a knowledgeable, interactive and enthusiastic facilitator. She has an immensely loyal client base in a wide range of industries. Her style is participative, engaging and
enjoyable. Her approach to facilitating encompasses key adult learning principles. She actively ensures all materials presented are relevant to participants’ work situations.

As an experienced trainer and presenter, Christina delivers workshops aimed at enhancing peoples’ capabilities and skill sets.

Critical Agendas Speaker

Hear from teachers who have attended a Critical Agendas Event

“It is the first P.L. in a long long time that I haven’t been checking in with my watch.”


Keep up the fantastic PD opportunities! Very  professional and well-researched workshops and conferences.

Paul Dillon

Just a big Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend the Critical Agenda Workshop yesterday.  David presented a great program, lots of handy strategies and he was very engaging and supportive. Highly recommended.  I was very happy we did not have to do any Role play’s

It was also fantastic to catch up with Zlatica, Dani, Kate and Marg, lots of laughs

A big THANK YOU once again


Tan x

Tania The Geelong College

Loved the passion of the Presenters

Ivana Ryan

The best P.D. I have attended in living memory!” I loved every minute of this engaging, interesting and informative PD. And I have been teaching for 40+ years!

Susan Snooks

I love the fantastic variety of workshops and conferences on offer. Always look forward to Critical Agendas PD’s.

Tim Livy

Loved the honesty in the sharing of information and strategies

Liberty Hatzidimitriou

Inspirational Speakers –  the knowledge gained will be so beneficial in my classrooms

Libby Fullard.

Passionate &  Authentic Speakers – Meaningful Strategies

Tamara Rundle