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How to Effectively Teach Superb Essay Writing in English & Literature

This workshop will investigate the following;

  • Having something to say Teaching understanding of the texts/issue by using ‘chunking’ and ‘encapsulation’.
  • Knowing what is required Teaching understanding of the task by visually rendering the task and visually rendering the criteria.
  • Modelling the task Showing how it is done at the highest level.
  • Teaching organisation skills required in essays The Macro (Whole essay) and Micro (Paragraphing) levels of organisation.
  • Teaching advanced expression skills – Giving students the tools to answer How to quote – How to link – How to achieve compression – How to achieve expressiveness – How to be convincing!

Hear from teachers who have attended a Critical Agendas Event

I love the fantastic variety of workshops and conferences on offer. Always look forward to Critical Agendas PD’s.

Tim Livy

Inspirational Speakers –  the knowledge gained will be so beneficial in my classrooms

Libby Fullard.

Keep up the fantastic PD opportunities! Very  professional and well-researched workshops and conferences.

Paul Dillon

The best P.D. I have attended in living memory!” I loved every minute of this engaging, interesting and informative PD. And I have been teaching for 40+ years!

Susan Snooks

Loved the passion of the Presenters

Ivana Ryan

Passionate &  Authentic Speakers – Meaningful Strategies

Tamara Rundle

Loved the honesty in the sharing of information and strategies

Liberty Hatzidimitriou

Just a big Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend the Critical Agenda Workshop yesterday.  David presented a great program, lots of handy strategies and he was very engaging and supportive. Highly recommended.  I was very happy we did not have to do any Role play’s

It was also fantastic to catch up with Zlatica, Dani, Kate and Marg, lots of laughs

A big THANK YOU once again


Tan x

Tania The Geelong College

“It is the first P.L. in a long long time that I haven’t been checking in with my watch.”