How to Teach Students with ANXIETY to Build Confidence & Improve Achievement

Presented by: Greg Mitchell

Event Information: 6 PD Hours 

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The secret to a good life is to be aware of the fear and know your limitations and move forward anyway. Whenever you are asked “What is it you really want for your children?” the discussion usually ends in something like “But really all I want for them is to be happy.”

Today’s children however have more possessions than they ever had yet are more statically anxious, depressed, suicidal and mentally ill than they ever have been.

So it would seem a really good idea to find out what it is that makes not just children but ourselves really happy.

This wonderful workshop begins with happiness heroine Gretchen Rubin’s Eight Splendid Truths of Happiness and what parents can do to help their children to be braver, more confident and more resilient. It then moves to investigating how to handle anxious students with research proven methods. It examines how classroom teachers and schools in general can develop teaching environments that address issues such as:

  • The rise of anxiety as a disorder.
  • The dimensions and types of anxiety disorders.
  • How to develop resilience and grit in all students to enhance their learning performance.
  • How to teach coping skills by developing a social and emotional skills program targeted for children with internalising difficulties.
  • How to recognise stress triggers and develop instructional options that enable students to manage apprehension and participate more.
  • How to discourage avoidance by differentiating instruction and using smaller steps in stressful work situation so as to improve achievement.
  • How to develop simple classroom procedures that enable all students to answer questions without excessive fear responses.
  • How to select resources that help differentiate instruction for anxious students and improve their learning.
  • How to create support for full participation particularly for students who have anxiety as a symptom of another disability, such as autism.
  • How to help students and parents create realistic expectations, develop independence, healthy interdependence and how to seek help when needed.
  • How to build a stress responsive network in your school.

Event Details:


Friday 26th April, 2019

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

 The Greek Club,

29 Edmondstone Street,

South Brisbane,

Qld, 4101.


Target Audience: Primary and Secondary Teachers and Teacher Aides.

  $279.00 + GST

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About the Presenter

Greg Mitchell works with students, teachers, administrators and parents in schools and educations organisations all over Australia where he regularly encounters the effects of a seemingly ever increasing wave of anxiety. Greg was raised in a family racked by anxiety with a father with Post Traumatic Stress disorder and a mother with Obsessive Compulsive tendencies and understands through lived experience the difficulties that anxiety creates in the lives of students and parents.

A teacher for over 35 years Greg is adept at finding, designing and creating teaching and learning strategies that empower students with positive habits. He currently devising a teaching and learning package for parents the helps parents teach their children the “proslience” needed to combat the fear that arises in the gap between being aware of who you are and the demands that the world places on you.

He has also recently returned from the US with a brilliant framework that enables schools to create clear expectations, procedures and positive structures that teach students constructive thinking skills and enables teachers and administrators to cater for individuals and respond, reflect and repair approaches for those who struggle with anxiety.


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