Engaging the Netflix Generation

Presented by: Andrew Douch

Event Information: 6 PD Hours

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Just as Netflix allows us to stream our favourite show at any time, the constraints on which the current education model were based no longer confine us! Any student with a computer or smartphone now has access to the same pool of information as her teacher. Likewise, teachers and students can now communicate about the learning, using simple, free tools at any time whether in the classroom or out. This profound change in when and where we access information and communicate, gives us the exciting opportunity to rethink what, when and how we teach. It also allows us to use our valuable class time differently. The result is a class of students more engaged, connected and collaborative.

Participants in this workshop will be surprised how easy it has become (even in the past two years) to record lessons, so that students can stream them on demand, anywhere, anytime. Participants will leave with simple effective strategies for engaging the students they teach, as well as a repertoire of tools to put those strategies into action the very next day.

Feedback from a recent participant:

I would have to say your presentation was the best PD I have ever attended. It was simple, engaging and it all made sense. Most of all, I walked away with simple and effective strategies that I was able to implement straight away and see immediate results with my students.

I have made some screencast videos and it has opened up a whole new world for me. It addresses so many issues I have been grappling with all year, from differentiating my lessons, making better use of my class time, using technology effectively and providing a valuable resource for students who miss classes. It has given me a whole new perspective on what can be achieved.

Thank you once again, - Eric

Event Details:


Friday 8th February, 2019

  9.30am - 3.30pm (Reg. from 8.30am)

 Karstens Conference Centre

123 Queen St, Melbourne

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Target Audience: Primary & Secondary Teachers.

  $299.00 + GST

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About the Presenter

Andrew Douch is a teacher, presenter and education consultant with 22 years’ classroom experience, and the father of four boys. Well known for his innovative approaches to teaching and learning, He helps teachers amplify their impact on student learning by inspiring new thinking about teaching effectively in a technology-rich world. He is also well known as the creator of the famous “Douchy’s Biology Podcast”, for his revision lectures in Biology and for the video lessons he records for Edrolo.

Profound but practical, his ideas and strategies have been adopted by teachers at all levels of education across Australia and the world, to increase student engagement and maximise student achievement.

The strategies he promotes, and the tools he recommends for implementation are so easy to use that even non-technical teachers find them simple. Andrew’s mantra is “You don’t need to be very good with technology to do very good things with technology”.

His work at the nexus of education and technology has been acknowledged and endorsed by organisations as diverse as Microsoft, the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the Victorian Department of Education and Training. The innovative nature of his ideas has attracted numerous awards including an Australian Government Award for Quality Schooling, the Victorian Education Excellence Award (for Curriculum Innovation) and Microsoft’s Victorian, Australian and Worldwide Innovative Teacher of the Year awards.


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