Specialising in professional learning and development for teachers.

Our events offer teachers practical strategies that directly translate to classroom

Critical Agendas hosts dynamic events and courses to help educators learn new skills while achieving their professional development hours.

With a variety of high quality presenters, Critical Agendas has created an engaging form of PD for teachers.

We have 20+ years of experience working with educators in Australia, helping hone their skills while bringing out their passion for teaching.

Attendees are consistently impressed by the event spaces, catering, and stimulating environment offered by our programs!


Critical Agendas events are planned with a high attention to detail, leading to our tremendous reputation in the PD industry.

20+ years of experience have taught us what keeps educators satisfied with our programs to ensure that they keep coming back.

We believe teachers should get their professional development hours in a stimulating and engaging way, on their own terms. Offering engaging courses on a variety of topics helps us cater to the interests of each individual educator.

We cover many unique subjects that apply to various areas of instruction.

What We Offer

  • Course-specific programs
    Our programs are a great form of teacher professional development, teaching participants practical ideas and strategies on subject-specific material. Presenters share tips, advice, and ‘hacks’ that are easily applied in the classroom immediately. Take a look at our upcoming programs CLICK HERE
  • National conferences
    Our national conferences are an excellent opportunity for like-minded educators to focus on discipline-specific trends and practices. Take a look at our upcoming conferences CLICK HERE


Our experienced speakers offer practical strategies that ensure a successful transfer of knowledge

Educators know that there are many different ways to explain concepts, and the best educators know that their delivery must be practical and actionable.

We select quality speakers, educators, and presenters who draw on extensive experience and knowledge in their disciplines. These subject matter experts excel at conveying their material inexciting and challenging ways.

This is a major facet of our skillset that separates Critical Agendas from other professional development programs for teachers.


Teacher professional development courses should be fun and comfortable

We believe that a relaxing space turns a good event into a great one. It’s important to us that attendees are well taken care of at all of our programs.

Exceptional catering, meals, and dietary restrictions is another vital component of our events.

These small details make a big difference to our attendees, and their satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

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