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5 hours PD HOURS

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9.00am - 3.20pm - Log in between 8.30am and 9.00am Victorian Time

Webinar via Zoom

For all teachers who educate students with Diverse Needs

$300 + GST

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No applications for this program will be accepted after all vacancies have been filled. Unsuccessful applicants will have any monies paid refunded in full. Cancellation made prior to the prior to 14 days from the event date will incur a 25% service charge per applicant. This program will be payable for in full for cancellations made within 14 days of the event or for failure to attend the program. Participants will be sent a Zoom link which is only to be used by the registered person, if any other unregistered person views the webinar without registration, they will be liable for the full registration plus an additional 25% administration fee. No attendance certificates will be issued until all monies are paid in full. Any cancellation must be made in writing and emailed to In the event of insufficient applications this program will not proceed, and registration monies paid will be fully refunded. Critical Agendas Pty Ltd will not be accepting liability for any other associated costs. Critical Agendas Pty Ltd reserves the right to vary the advertised program prior to commencement.

Successfully Navigating Diversity in our classrooms

8.30am – 9.00am – Webinar Log in.

9.00am – 10.15am – Presentation 1 -Emily Ballenden – “Impactful Strategies for your Dyslexic (or Neurodiverse) students in your class”

Inclusive education requires strategies that support the diverse needs of all students, including those with dyslexia in mainstream classrooms. By recognising and understanding the diverse needs of our students, we can create an environment where everyone can thrive. If we foster a sense of belonging by understanding, providing support, and implementing accommodations, we can give our students many opportunities to reach their full potential.

Your host, Emily Ballenden will introduce you to many diverse strategies, such as differentiated instruction, classroom environment, collaborative learning, making materials more accessible, using assistive technology, adapting your instruction, using positive reinforcement and communicating with stakeholders, so that you can begin to use these strategies in your classroom tomorrow and beyond.

10.15am – 10.40am – Morning Tea.

10.40am – 12.00pm – Presentation 2 – Claire Jackson – “ Effective Collaboration between Teachers & Teacher assistants”

This presentation will explore current research relating to teacher-teacher-assistant collaboration and it will examine how effective inclusive practices can enhance student learning outcomes. We will also consider the unintended negative consequences of adopting models of support that are not fully inclusive. You will learn about practical strategies and resources that can be used to strengthen the professional partnership between teachers and teacher assistants and we will explore alternative models of support that schools can implement to bolster genuine inclusive practice. You will leave the presentation with some simple tips and tricks that can make the world of difference for students who require additional support in the classroom. 

12.00pm – 12.10pm – Mini Break

12.10pm – 1.20pm – Presentation 3 – Sally Learey – “Return the Neuro-Diverse Brain to Calm using Evidence Based Techniques”

Neuro-diverse brain wiring is often accompanied by emotion regulation challenges.

When we support students to notice, monitor and manage their emotions and build an emotion regulation ‘toolkit’, they can learn how to become ‘the boss of their brain’.

This session shares evidence-based body calming techniques, which when modelled, practised and over-learnt, can be used by neuro-diverse students to enable them to ‘return to calm’.

1.20pm – 2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm – 3.20pm – Presentation 4 – Greg Mitchell – Traumautism

Teaching kids with Trauma and Autism and/or Autism in the mainstream classroom

Navigating challenges in mainstream classrooms with kids experiencing trauma and autism involves understanding their shared struggles, like communication hurdles and emotional regulation battles. This workshop equips mainstream teachers with insights into…

  • Common Struggles: Recognize shared challenges in communication and emotional control.
  • Unique Aspects: Acknowledge the distinctive traits of each condition—hypersensitivity in autism, self-loathing, and flashbacks in trauma.
  • Intersectional Complications: Understand the complexities when these conditions intersect, leading to strong reactions even in minor events.
  • Practical Tools: Learn tangible strategies for safety, relationship building, and addressing sensory and emotional needs.
  • Positive Outcomes: Aim for transformative outcomes, fostering a supportive classroom environment for both students and teachers

3.20pm Webinar End



Presented by Critical Agendas

Emily Ballenden

Emily Ballenden is a specialised teacher, education consultant, private SEN tutor and the founder of Additional Education Services. Emily holds a Bachelor of Education P-12, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Learning and Leadership and a Masters degree in Special Education.

Emily has taught in the early childhood, primary and secondary school sectors for 15 years. She is a specialist educator based in schools and online, working with students from K-12, assisting teachers and parents alike to achieve desirable outcomes for students with Specific Learning Difficulties (SLDs).

Emily runs interactive seminars with attendee participation through discussions, questions and workshops.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Dr Claire Jackson

Claire has worked as a teacher and education consultant for nearly 25 years in a variety of mainstream and special education settings in Victoria, Western Australia and London. Her experience includes teaching and leadership roles in Catholic, Independent and government schools, hospital schools and pupil referral units. She also teaches in initial teacher education programs at universities. She has worked for a curriculum association assessing special provisions applications, and as a learning consultant for a Catholic education authority supporting teachers and school leaders with the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD). Claire has also worked as a subject matter expert on several national projects relating to the NCCD, school funding and has helped develop professional learning resources for Australian educators. 


Claire completed her PhD at Monash University in 2023, focusing on teachers’ self-efficacy when working with teacher assistants. She was prompted to pursue this line of research when she realised that most teachers have not received any training in how to collaborate effectively with support staff. Currently, she is an associate director at a management consulting firm and is working on state/territory and federal government projects in inclusive education. She also continues to facilitate professional learning for educators. 

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Sally Learey

Sally Learey is a renowned keynote speaker, author and education consultant. As well as teaching, she holds qualifications in training, positive psychology, coaching and counselling. Sally has worked in both training and primary and secondary teaching sectors across a variety of educational settings. Sally is also an author of 7 books ranging from children’s books to adult non-fiction. She is passionate about supporting the wellbeing of teachers and leaders in education. Sally empowers teachers to create classrooms and learning environments that are inclusive for all students. As a mother of a son with special needs which includes ASD, she has a wealth of personal and professional expertise in this area.

Critical Agendas Speaker
Presented by Critical Agendas

Greg Mitchell

Greg Mitchell is an established and highly sought after consultant who works with teachers, parents and administrators where it counts… in schools and in classrooms. He regularly teaches in classrooms in primary and secondary schools all over Australia demonstrating the changes that really work. Greg is an exceptional presenter with the ability to connect with educators, to challenge them and provide many practical strategies that work! Great knowledge, practical, dynamic and very entertaining!

Critical Agendas Speaker

Hear from teachers who have attended a Critical Agendas Event

Inspirational Speakers –  the knowledge gained will be so beneficial in my classrooms

Libby Fullard.

Passionate &  Authentic Speakers – Meaningful Strategies

Tamara Rundle

Loved the passion of the Presenters

Ivana Ryan

Just a big Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend the Critical Agenda Workshop yesterday.  David presented a great program, lots of handy strategies and he was very engaging and supportive. Highly recommended.  I was very happy we did not have to do any Role play’s. 

Tania The Geelong College

I love the fantastic variety of workshops and conferences on offer. Always look forward to Critical Agendas PD’s.

Tim Livy

Keep up the fantastic PD opportunities! Very  professional and well-researched workshops and conferences.

Paul Dillon

“It is the first P.L. in a long long time that I haven’t been checking in with my watch.”


Loved the honesty in the sharing of information and strategies

Liberty Hatzidimitriou

The best P.D. I have attended in living memory!” I loved every minute of this engaging, interesting and informative PD. And I have been teaching for 40+ years!

Susan Snooks